About Us

Rising from humble beginnings 2001 Sharda Shiksha Prashar Avam Samaj Kalyan Samiti was Founded with the sole intention of imparting services to the society with the hope of structuring. 'A Better Tomorrow'. With a dream of providing for future generations a broad and stimulating educational experience of the highest quality.

With almost 12 years of legacy and experience behind it, the RVN society has continued to burgeon and impart highest levels of academic and moral excellence to its students. All the members of our non-profit and non-proprietary establishments believe that school life should be valued for self with inspirational and rewarding experiences which will lead them to a successful adulthood.

In today's transcending times, education is a quintessential and highly challenging time for students. Guided by esteemed members and a group of talented as well as dedicated teachers who are constantly innovating, RVN society words towards preparing its students to achieve very high standards in both the formal curriculum and in many extra curricular activities. We hope that their involvement in and enjoyment of both work and play will help them to become enterprising young people ready to make thewir contributions in the years ahead.

Mission & Vision

We at RVN Gwalior focus our dedication towards evoking a passion for learning and developing the requisite set of attitudes, skills and knowledge that enable our learners to maximize their potential towards becoming positive, responsible and well informed participants in our democratic and rapidly progressing global community. It is with this ambition that we work towards developing an environment which fosters social accountability, national pride and a curiosity which triggers the mood for self-learning through self-initiation.

On this ethos rest the pillars of our foundation. Our Mission statement therefore holds true when we say that -

"We aspire to walk our learners down the road which leads them to develop, a thirst for knowledge such that its discovery leads to the enrichment of life for them as individuals and the community at large."

It is through this mission that we wish to realize our vision...that of moulding our students into

  • Academically competent persons
  • Individuals with exemplary behaviour
  • Inquirers and Investigators
  • Logical and rational thinkers
  • Responsible national and global citizens
  • Exhibitors of social and environmental goodwill
  • Individuals with empathy towards one and all